5 Best Band Saw Under 1000 Dollars Reviews Based On Field Test

High-quality band saws can be expensive, and cheap ones lack some key features that you may need. So does this mean that you either cough up a ton of money or compromise on features?

Well, not exactly; there are plenty of options in the under $1000 price market that offer all the key features you need and don’t cost an arm and a leg. So the question then becomes, which is the Best Band Saw Under 1000?

To help you make an informed choice, I have reviewed five-band saws under $1000 that offer the perfect balance between price and value. I have also included a guide on how I made my selection.

Why Trust this review

I own a small woodworking shop and get to work with different types of saws, including bandsaws. I have used my experiences to review the below models and give my personal opinions on them. 

Who is this article for?

This article is mainly for people who own small workshops and are looking for something inexpensive that offers a little bit more features than a cheap benchtop bandsaw.

How I picked the saws?

I picked the saws on my list based on their performance relative to their price and how they handled different tasks such as resawing and making curved cuts. 

Which Is Better: Floor Standing Or Benchtop Bandsaws?

When shopping for the best bandsaws under 1000, you will typically have two types to choose from floor standing and benchtop bandsaws. The former is the larger of the two and takes up more space.

Floorstanding saws can handle larger workpieces and blocks of wood. These types of bandsaws typically feature their own set of legs or stands. As such, it is the option that will work best if you have a dedicated shop.

If space is an issue for you, then a benchtop model will be a better choice. This type of band saw has to be placed on top of a work surface and tends to be smaller. As such, they are a good choice for hobbyists and homeowners.

Which is the best bandsaw under 100 for me?

The answer to this question depends on several things, which we will look at in the buying guide. Nevertheless, the best saw for you will be the one that can fit your needs. So, for instance, if you have a small shop, a benchtop saw will be the best saw.

Bandsaw safety tips

When using a bandsaw, there are several safety tips you should adhere to. These are;

  • Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing, jewelry and tie back your hair to prevent them from getting caught by the spinning blade.
  • The blade guard height should be adjusted to about 3mm to 6mm above the material being cut. This is to ensure the proper tension of the blade and prevent it from breaking.
  • Ensure the blade is properly tensioned and is not loose. Some bandsaws feature an automatic blade tensioner, which should make your work easier.
  • The blade that you use for cutting should be sharp and appropriate for cutting the material you want to cut. Metals are cut using a different blade to wood or plastics.
  • When removing a piece of cut wood from between the fence and the blade, use a push block. You can also use the latter when cutting smaller pieces of wood that bring your hands closer to the blade. 

How do I select a bandsaw blade?

When choosing a blade for your blade, there are three important factors to consider, blade width, TPI, and type of blade. When it comes to blade width, the general rule of thumb is that wider blades are used for resawing and making straight cuts.

Thinner blades are used for making curved cuts especially making curved cuts with a smaller radius. As for TPI or Teeth per Inch, a high TPI is best for cutting thinner materials, while a low TPI is best for thicker materials. Low TPI blades are mainly used for resawing.

There are three main types of blades, regular tooth, skip and hook tooth blades. The regular tooth blade typically has a higher TPI with narrow spaces between teeth. This type of blade produces smooth cuts on all types of wood.

For hard-to-cut woods, a hook tooth blade is preferred. This type of blade features a wider space between teeth with a 10-degree rake angle. These types of blades achieve more aggressive cuts. 

A skip tooth blade has wide spaces between teeth but has a 0-degree rake angle. This results in a less aggressive and smoother cut, best for resawing.

Reviews Of The Best Bandsaws Under 1000

WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw

WEN 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and...(#ad)
  • 9.5 amp motor creates cuts up to 8.85 inches deep and 13-3/8 inches wide
  • Uses 100-3/4 inch blades anywhere from 1/8 to 1 inches in size

(paid link)
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On the first inspection, I found this saw to be solidly built, with the outer housing of the blade wheels being made of steel. And while I wouldn’t call it the most powerful 14-inch bandsaw out there, the 9.5 amp motor offers more power than most other similarly priced options.

What I found impressive about the saw was its two-speed feature. The maximum speed is 3280FPM, while the minimum is 1480 FPM. This allows for flexibility, with the higher speed being suited for hardwoods and the lower speed ideal for softer materials.

Being a mid-tier 14 inch saw, it had all the standard features you would expect, a miter gauge and fence. But there is one feature that I am not used to seeing in mid-tier saws, and that is the circle guide; this helps with making accurate curved cuts.

I was not overly impressed with its resawing capacity, though, which stands at 8 ⅞ inches. However, it was better than that of some of the other models in this price segment.

What I liked

This saw is more powerful than most of its competitors, and the fact that it has two-blade speeds makes it a flexible model for sawing different types of wood. It also comes with all the features you would expect, including a circle guide.


Compared to most of its competitors, it is quite pricey and is not the best for resawing large woodblocks. 

 Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, 14″

Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, 14"(#ad)
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • All ball bearing construction. Cast iron frame. Precision-ground cast iron table.

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There are plenty of exceptional high-end bandsaws out there. But most of them will cost you an arm and a leg. And this is what makes the Grizzly G0555LX deluxe a favorite of mine. It offers features you would find on high-end saws at a lower price tag.

When I got the, I saw it was pretty much set up. Nonetheless, there was some tweaking to be done to get it working properly, which is to be expected. 

It has a 1HP motor, which offers plenty of power. When it comes to resawing, it can handle 6-inch blocks. As for the depth of cut, I was able to get about 14 inches of depth. This marked a significant improvement on the Craftsman model I was using previously.

The blade speed ranges between 1800 and 3100 FPM. As such, you will be able to cut hardwoods and softwoods with equal ease. 

One of the best things about this saw is its frame. Made of cast iron, it is very sturdy, and I am yet to experience any kind of wobble on it. 

What I liked

The saw is table and solid and does not wobble when in use. Also, the inclusion of two-blade speeds gives you the flexibility to cut woods of varying thicknesses. It had no problems slicing through hardwoods in the same manner as softwood.


The default blade that comes with this saw is not the best. Also, you may find it a bit difficult to adjust the blade speed using the belt. 

Delta 28-400 14 in. 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw

Delta 28-400 14 in. 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw(#ad)
  • Heavy duty steel frame design reduces flexing and features a superior finish and aluminum trunnion table support for long-lasting durability
  • 1 HP, 115V/230V, 1 phase TEFC motor with 2 speeds: 1,620 FPM and 3,340 FPM for wood and non-ferrous metal cutting

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The Delta 28-400 14 inch is a heavy-duty bandsaw with several surprises. Some of these surprises are good, and the others not so much. 

The first thing I noticed about this bandsaw was the lack of a fence and miter gauge. This was a bit disappointing. However, there is a miter gauge slot that can accommodate aftermarket gauges. 

The motor is a 1HP, which is at par with that of the Grizzly deluxe but slightly less powerful than that of the WEN 3966 T. Nevertheless, it still does provide sufficient power for cutting hardwoods. 

The table is made from cast iron and was quite heavy. So you may need some extra help installing it. But this is a good thing as it means it does not wobble. The blade speed ranges from 1620 FPM to 3340 FPM.

The maximum blade speed is slightly higher than that of the Grizzly Deluxe and the Wen 3966 T. The ball-bearing roller guides above and below the table are easy to adjust. However, the lower blade guide is harder to adjust.

What I liked

The 1HP motor runs quietly and can be wired to either a 230v or a 115 volts power socket. This is a nice touch as it means you can get more power with a 230v socket if needed. It is also powerful enough to resaw large pieces of wood.


For resawing, this saw maxes out at 6 inches of resaw capacity. This is a bit small for people looking to resaw large pieces of wood frequently.

JET JWBS-14CS 14″ 1-HP Closed Stand Bandsaw

JET 14-Inch Woodworking Bandsaw, 1 HP, 1Ph...(#ad)
  • 6-inch resaw capacity for cutting larger pieces of wood
  • Upper and lower cast iron frame for increased strength and rigidity

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Compared to some of the other models on my list, this JET JWBS-14CS is a bit pricey. But it does offer some pretty exciting features that may warrant the price tag.

At 15 by 15 inches, the cast iron table is quite big. Though it’s not the biggest table on the list, it should still give you enough room to accommodate large pieces of wood. However, at its price, I was a bit disappointed with the 6 inches resaw capacity. 

The WEN 3966 T has a better resaw capacity despite its relatively lower price tag. In addition, the motor is a 1HP motor, which should serve you well. 

As for the blade, the speed stands at 3000 SFPM, which is not bad, especially since it’s paired with a 6 TPI blade. Also, I loved the single knob for tracking adjustments as it makes the blade tracking process easier.

While it isn’t the Best Bandsaw For Resawing, it is still a great bandsaw that can perform a host of different tasks.

What I liked

Making adjustments is easy, and there is a single knob for tracking adjustments. This simplified the blade tracking process. It is also a heavy-duty saw made from cast iron, and its table feels solid and does not wobble.


It is a bit pricier compared to other similar models. It is not the best for a commercial operation for resawing and is restricted more to a home workshop. 

SHOP FOX W1715 3/4 HP Metal Cutting Bandsaw

SHOP FOX W1715 3/4 HP Metal Cutting Bandsaw(#ad)
  • Motor: 3/4 HP, 110V, single-phase 1,725 RPM
  • Blade speeds: 78 FPM @ 40 RPM, 108 FPM @ 60 RPM, 180 FPM @ 80 RPM

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For cutting light metal cutting, the SHOP FOX W1715 is perfect. While it does have its flaws, for the most part, it is an exceptional bandsaw for the money.

While it is marketed as a metal cutting bandsaw, I found that it can also cut wood and plastic. This was thanks to the three-speed setting. The three speeds are 78, 108, and 180 FPM. At the highest speed, the saw performed well on solid steel.

This bandsaw can both horizontal and vertical cuts and has a vise for holding materials when making horizontal cuts. The ¾ HP motor is quite powerful, and it is a better motor than what you get with some of its competitors.

There is also a 4-inch dust hood, which should come in handy when cutting blocks of wood. Unfortunately, the base is not the best, and if you plan on moving it frequently, you will be disappointed. Also, it sits a bit too low for my liking.

What I liked

It has an automatic shut-off feature, and it can be set to shut off after cutting a material automatically. Also, its three-blade speeds allow for the cutting of different materials and of different thicknesses.


The base of this saw is bad, if you plan on moving it frequently, then you will be disappointed, and I would recommend another model with a better base.

How To Buy Bandsaw Under $1000: Consider These Factors

There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for the best 14-inch bandsaw under $100. Here are the most important things to consider when searching for the best 14-inch bandsaw. 

What do you intend to do with it?

A 14-inch bandsaw can be used in several tasks, from resawing to making intricate curved cuts. Each bandsaw has its strength; some are better at resawing while others are better at making intricate cuts.

The intended purpose of purchasing a bandsaw will influence your choice. For example, if resawing is top on your list of priorities, then a model such as WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw will be a good choice.

How easy is it to use?

Ideally, you want a bandsaw that is easy to set up and use. Several things will determine ease of use. The key among them is how easy it is to adjust. This means adjusting the blade as well as the table to suit different cutting needs.

How powerful is the motor?

To slice through different materials, whether it be wood, metals, or plastic, a bandsaw needs power. And here is where the motor comes in. Measured in horsepower, how powerful a motor is will determine the kind of material you can cut.

A 1HP motor will be sufficient for most applications. However, anything below 1HP and the bandsaw will struggle with certain hardwoods. A higher output of more than 1HP is, of course, better, but not make models in the under $1000 will have a motor of beyond 1 to 2HP.

How heavy is the bandsaw?

Bandsaws in this price segment typically tend to be bulkier than cheaper models. The weight is usually because of them being constructed from cast iron or steel. This ensures they are sturdy and do not wobble when in use.

Thus, while you do not want an overly bulky 14-inch bandsaw, you also do not want a lightweight bandsaw that will be vulnerable to wobbling.

The bandsaw frame construction

The frame is one part that is not replaceable. This means it is either of high quality or not. Most of the best 14-inch band saws have frames made of cast iron. The latter is a durable material that does not break easily.

Saws made from cast iron also tend to be bulky. Some are made from die-cast or welded steel. These tend to be less durable than cast iron saws but weigh less. 

The inclusion of wheels in the frame of the bandsaw is also important. Wheels mean that you will be able to transport it around.

The bandsaw blade tension indicator

This is an important feature that is not always found on bandsaws. The purpose of the feature is to help check the tension of the blade. This is important as when the tension is not correct, then your blade will not perform optimally.

Check the bevel capacity.

Bandsaws are capable of straight cuts as well as angled and bevel cuts. Different bandsaws have different bevel capacities. This is the furthest angle the blade can be tilted to achieve bevel cuts. A bevel capacity of 45 degrees to the left will be a good option.

The versatility of cutting blades

For purposes of cutting different materials, a bandsaw should be capable of accommodating different cutting blades. However, there is always a limit as to the size of blades a bandsaw can accommodate. Therefore, it is important to check these limitations when shopping for a bandsaw.

Dust collection ports

Bandsaws do not have the same kind of RPM as circular saws that send sawdusts flying everywhere. In a bandsaw, the sawdust and metal shavings tend to accumulate slowly and sometimes do not make it to the dust port.

Thus it is important to check the dust port system installed in a bandsaw. In addition, the dust port system should have an adapter for connecting a shop vacuum.

Safety features available

Bandsaws may not seem all that dangerous, but they do need safety features, especially the newer models. Safety features such as adjustable blade guards and oversized stop buttons will be a great addition to any bandsaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my band saw to cut metal and meat?

Yes, however, this will depend on what bandsaw it is. Not all bandsaws can cut through metal or meats. It will also depend on the blade you are using.

Which are the Best Band Saw Brands?

The best bandsaw brands include Jet, Delta, Wen, Shop Fox, and Rikon.

Will I need a specific saw blade for certain cuts?

Yes, the blade you use to cut hardwoods may not be the same for cutting softwoods. Also, the blade needed for cutting metals will be different.


Overall, Best Band Saws Under 1000 will typically be a 14-inch saw. These saws are mid-tier models that do not offer the same power levels as high-end models but are more powerful than smaller benchtop models. 

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