Best Band Saw Under 200 Dollars: 5 Budget Bandsaw Of 2023

Unless you are a professional contractor searching for the best high-end Bandsaw, chances are a low-cost model is what you are looking for. The good news is you can get a decent band saw for less than $200.

The bad news is this price segment is saturated with all kinds of bandsaws. This makes finding the best band saw under 200 a challenging proposition for the average DIYer. To help you out, I have compiled a list of the best bandsaws in this price segment.

Furthermore, I have also included a guide on what to look for when shopping for the best Bandsaw under $200.

A Quick Compariosn Of My Top Picks

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Why Trust This Review?

I have worked with all the six products that I have listed in my review. As such, everything is from my own personal perspective of how each saw performs.

Who Is This Article For?

All the bandsaws on this list are budget saws and targeted at hobbyists, woodworkers, and homeowners.

I have included two metal cordless models for cutting metal tubing. These cordless models offer better portability than the others on the list. And I felt it was essential to include them for anyone looking for something portable.

How Do I Pick These Band Saws?

When picking these Band saws, I considered several key things among them: ease of use and setting up, performance relative to the price, and size.

Reviews Of Best Band Saw Under 200

WEN 3939T 2.8-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw

WEN seems to have perfected the art of making good quality products and selling them at affordable prices. The 3939T 9-inch benchtop bandsaw is one of those products.

So what do you get from this Bandsaw? The first thing I noted was how easy it is to set up. Out of the box, the saw was almost 100% set up. All I had to do was attach the table and align it to the blade at an angle of 90 degrees.

It took me less than 15 minutes to set up, which I must say was delightful. The fence came fully assembled, and while I did notice a slight deviation of about 1 mm when cutting wood, it is tolerable.

The 2.8 amp motor does its job quite impressively. With its ⅜ inch blade and a 2460 FPM speed, it had no trouble slicing through 3 sheets of 5mm plywood glued together. And while it is not as stable as WEN’s pricier 14-inch bands saws, it is incredibly more affordable.

Obviously, this isn’t designed for re-sawing large blocks of wood or cutting steel. What it is built for is slicing through small sheets of wood, something it does pretty well.

What I liked

This Bandsaw comes ready to use, and there is very little setting up necessary after purchase. It will take you less than 15 minutes to start using. It can also make miter cuts thanks to the included miter gauge and has quite a spacious table measuring 12 by 12 inches.


Some of its parts, such as the adjustable upper Guide are made of plastic and may not hold out well over time. Also, the included dust port isn’t the best for working with a shop vacuum.

SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light

The SKIL 3386-01 9 inch bandsaw is one that I found had mixed reviews. While some people complained of it being underpowered, others hailed it as one of the best. So how good or bad is it really? Let’s find out.

One of the complaints you will find online is that this saw is largely made of plastic. However, I found this not to be true. The upper and lower housing are both made from cast steel. However, the front covers of the housings are made of plastic.

However, this isn’t such a problem. As for its power, it is a decently powerful bandsaw for the price. While the 2.5 amp motor may make you think it’s underpowered, it performed surprisingly well.

I was able to cut a 2×4 with ease using this Bandsaw. Also, it performed well with thicker woods such as mahogany. Nonetheless, after a few months of regular use, the drive belt tends to become loose, which can lead to loss of power.

Tightening the drive belt should sort this problem out, though. The inclusion of a miter gauge and a fence is excellent as these are things you do not usually find in budget models. The ⅜ inch blade could be better, but it is possible to replace it.

What I liked

Contrary to some reviews, this small and lightweight saw is sufficiently powerful and was able to slice through a 2×4 with ease. It is also easy to set up and adjust, coming with a miter gauge and fence included.


As with most other budget models, some of the parts are made of plastic. The blade guide, in particular, is plastic and may be broken after a few months of use.

WEN 3959T 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw

The WEN 3959T is another 2.5 amp bandsaw. This model is slightly cheaper than the SKIL 3386. And so it was interesting to see how it compares to its competitor.

Some setting up is required as the table, fence, and miter gauge come in separate packagings. Nevertheless, setting up is quite straightforward and took me about 20 minutes to set everything up.

Similar to the SKIL, its 2.5 amp motor can be deceiving. With this motor and a blade speed of 2500 feet per minute, it had no problems cutting through blocks of maple and black walnut. However, the cutting speed is significantly reduced when cutting anything thicker than 4 inches.

This is to be expected, though, given its price tag and capabilities. One of the best things about it is that it’s adjustable. The miter gauge, table, and blade are all adjustable, and it is quite easy to adjust them.

What I liked

It performed relatively well on thicker blocks of wood than I expected. And for such a small bandsaw, it is solid and very well built. Also, it is easy to set up and does not require any tools to set up.


It is not the best for cutting blocks of wood that are over 4 inches in thickness. Also, the nuts that hold the table were too coated in paint that it was a bit difficult to secure them.

DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw

DEWALT has over 200 tools that are compatible with the 20V max battery. And one of those tools is the 20v max portable Bandsaw. But is this battery-powered Bandsaw worth your money? Let’s find out.

As already stated, this uses a 20V battery. The great thing about it is that if you own another Dewalt tool that has the same battery, you do not have to buy a new battery. I found this to be particularly beneficial since the saw itself does not come with a battery included.

But what really impressed me about this cordless model is its 2-½ inch cutting capacity. This ranks high on the list of the deepest cutting battery bandsaws on the market. And this makes it the best portable band saw in its price range.

Included with this model is a 14 TPI blade, which does a great job when cutting electrical metal conduits. You can swap out the blade for a thicker 18 TPI when you need to cut thicker materials.

One excellent addition that I have to mention is the LED lighting. This will illuminate your workspace, especially in low light. This means you can use the Bandsaw in any light conditions.

What I liked

The blade tracking adjustment is a great feature. It allows you to track the wear and tear of your blade. This helps increase the lifespan of your blade. Furthermore, it is incredibly accurate.


The blade it comes with has too much vibrations, and you may have to purchase a new one to replace it with.

WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw

One of the cheapest metal bandsaws out there, the WEN 94396, offers great performance and is also not that heavy. Though it is slightly heavier than the Dewalt 20V max.

When it comes to cutting capacity, this is the best budget bandsaw. It has a cutting capacity of 5 inches and a cut depth of also 5 inches. It has no problems cutting through 1 inch and 2-inch metal tubings.

The 10 amp motor is quite powerful for such a small unit. It helps the model slice through metals, plastics, and many other materials. The blade itself is a 14 TPI blade, which can be adjusted.

This Bandsaw is an excellent option for anyone who wants to cut metal and does not want to use a hacksaw. It allows for adjusting the speed of the blade, which is great to suit the task at hand.

What I liked

The cutting speed is good and is adjustable to match the task at hand. Also, this model features an LED light that helps illuminate the workplace in low lighting.


This saw is quite loud. Also, the default blade, while capable, is not the best, and for some tasks, you may have to replace it with a new one.

Things You Must Keep in Mind Before Buying Bandsaw Under $200

Now that we know which is the best inexpensive Bandsaw, it is time to discuss what factors to consider when shopping for one.

What is the depth of the cut?

This is the distance between the table and the upper blade guide. So why is it important? Well, because it determines how thick a piece of wood you can cut on the Bandsaw. Most bandsaws under $200 will feature a cut depth of below 6 inches.

Thus 6 inches will be an excellent measurement to aim for when shopping for the best cheap Bandsaw. Remember, budget saws are typically designed for cutting thin sheets of wood and not thick blocks.

The size of the table

Budget models typically have small tables as they are usually benchtop models. However, the size of the table is still an essential factor. Some models have wider tables than others, and if you are cutting slightly bigger blocks, this is a crucial factor to consider.

Apart from its size, how the table tilts will also be necessary. Ideally, you want a table capable of tilting up to 45 degrees.

Ease of set-up

If you are looking to spend $200 or less on a bandsaw, chances are you are not a professional contractor. As such, you do not want to get an overly complicated saw that takes hours to set up.

Instead, you will want a saw that takes you a few minutes to set up. Some such as the
WEN 3939T 2.8-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw comes with most parts already set up. This makes your work even easier.

How fast does the blade cut?

The blade speed will influence how fast the blade cuts. Given the type of bandsaws, we are working within this price point, don’t expect high-end speeds. Most in this price category will feature a blade speed of under 3000 Feet per Minute.

Ideally, the higher this number is, the better. As the speed will influence how fast you can cut different pieces of wood.

How much does it weigh?

As a homeowner or hobbyist, a lightweight bandsaw will be a better choice than a large and bulky unit. At the under 200 price point, most bandsaws feature plastic and aluminum parts.

This helps keep them lightweight. While they may not be as durable as their pricier freestanding counterparts, they are lightweight and good enough for occasional use.

Inclusion of a RIP fence and Miter gauge

Some budget models come without a fence and a miter gauge. However, in my opinion, these are two features you should not do without. The RIP fence helps you make accurate straight cuts.

The miter gauge, on the other hand, helps make angled cuts. Both are essential components that should not be missing in a bandsaw.

Inclusion of a light attachment

This is not a must-have feature, but it is a nice thing to have. A light attachment will help illuminate your workspace in low light. Not all bandsaws feature such a component. But those that have it offer something extra and can be used in low light.


Bandsaws are known for being bulky and expensive. However, some great options cost less than $200. These are mostly benchtop models that are lightweight and less complicated to use.

There are many bandsaw options in this price category, and to find the best band saw under 200, you will have to do some digging. The six I have included above should be a good purchase for any hobbyist or homeowner.

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