Best Band Saw Under $500: Top 3 Benchtop Bandsaw For Wood, Metal and others

If you are a hobbyist woodworker or have limited shop space, smaller profile band saws under $500 will be your best investment.

True, You can spend $2000+ on a band saw (if you have enough workspace and money to burn), but what if you don’t need all the power and features it offers? For example, if you only need to use it for light-duty cuts, there’s no point in spending all of that money.

I know a friend who spends more than $1500 on a band saw, but the problem is he only cut wood and other light-duty materials, so there’s no need to spend all that money.

The reason behind this kind of decision is he wants to get the best of everything, and this is not always true. However, knowing what you need to perform and what your tool can do for you is the best way to save some money in the long run.

For that reason, I decided to test some of the promising bandsaws right now in the market under the $500. So after testing 15 different brand bandsaw under the price range, I picked 3 band saws, which meet the criteria of being the best.

I picked Rikon 10-3061 10″ Deluxe Bandsaw top of the list because it has best-in-class performance, stability, and quality. Also, the price-value ratio is outstanding. And It can cut!

And the runner-up is WEN 3962T 3.5-Amp 10-Inch this one is also best but comparing with Rikon, this is my second choice. And it can cut!

Also, I picked the WEN 3970T 4-inch x 6-inch as the best Metal Cutting Band Saw. This one is the perfect choice to cut metal out of the box with ease and yes it can cut too.

A Quick Comparison Of My Top Picks

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Ranking those bandsaws is just a personal preference. But, from what I observed in the field test, It can be different from other people.
Though I have reviewed another two bandsaws in this price range which are also best in their way.

How I Tested The Band Saws and Picked The Top 3

I picked these best band saws by considering the features, quality, and how user-friendly they are comparing the price.

Also, I did field test and checked them thoroughly by comparing the below standard

  • How powerful the motor
  • Blade speed and how precisely it cuts,
  • Tilting Table Top and the angle cut it offers
  • How Easy to set up
  • portability and others

Why should You trust my review:

I’m an avid DIYer, so I know how important the band saw is for a handyman with a limited workspace. And also, I have reviewed many products in different price ranges and styles here on Pick a Saw Website.
For this reason, readers can trust my reviews because I know what I’m talking about, and best of all, I tested each and every one of them before writing here.

Benefits Of using a bandsaw

Band saws are cutting tools that use a continuous thin blade to cut curves and straight lines in wood, metal, or other materials. They can be used for various purposes but best known as the best tool for cutting out curved shapes from larger pieces of material. It provides accurate cutting that requires minimal finishing compared to other tools such as the table saw and jigsaw, which typically leave rough edges.

Importance Of Bandsaw

There are many reasons why a bandsaw is important for all types of woodworkers. The bandsaw allows you to cut curves, rout out mortises, or do other intricate work that would be difficult without one. They also let you slice off small pieces more quickly because the blade is thin and continuous.

Who Need a Band Saw Under $500?

In general, At this price, range band saw usually come with a smaller profile, and it’s best suited for those woodworkers who have a smaller workspace.

But, To best answer this question in more detail, we need to consider the types of woodworkers that are reading my post. These are:
Hobbyist (someone who does it on occasion or as a part-time job),
Professional (someone who is employed by someone else for their expertise), and
DIY (someone who has a home-shop woodworking space).
So, for the best answer, we will look at each one.

*Hobbyist: The best band saw under $500 would be a hobbyist’s best friend because it has enough power to do all of their light-duty projects with ease.

*Professional: For the professional woodworker, the band saw under $500 would not be a good choice because they need more power and precision for larger projects. However, their best option is usually an industrial-grade bandsaw because of all the demands put on them from work.

*DIY: The best band saw for DIYers will depend on what you want it for as well as your budget range. If you’re looking for something just so that you can make some home improvement, then maybe one of those cheap ones would suffice, or if not, there are cheaper options out there such as bandsaw under $200.

How To Choose The Value For Money Band Saw Under $500

A band saw is a very important tool in the woodshop. It can be used for resawing, crosscutting, dadoing, and much more. For this reason, it is worth investing your money in a good one that will last you for many years to come! In this buying guide, we will go over everything you need to know about choosing the best band saw under $500.

Benchtop or Freestanding:

The major advantage of having benchtop bandsaw is that they’re more affordable and easier to transport than free-standing models. They can also be bolted/clamped down for extra stability if you need it!
However, the disadvantage with these saws is that they tend to produce less power than their larger cousins because the weight from the motor has decreased substantially. Some people find this doesn’t make as big a difference as others do, so try before you buy if possible!

A benchtop bandsaw is generally smaller than free-standing models because they are meant to stay on the workbench without taking too much space. This means that they are perfect if you have a small workspace and don’t plan on moving your bandsaw around often (or at all).

Both benchtop and free-standing models have their pros and cons; make sure which one best suits your needs before purchasing! But in this price segment, I will recommend you to buy a benchtop bandsaw.

Bandsaw Horsepower:

The horsepower of the bandsaw is a huge factor to consider. The higher the horsepower, typically means that it will run more smoothly and cut through thicker materials faster. Low-end models usually have less than one horsepower, while high-end ones can be as much as four or five times this amount! If you are not sure how much horsepower you need, it is best to ask yourself what type of work you want to do with your bandsaw.

Table Size:

There are a few different options when it comes to table size. The most common is what’s called an 18″ x 25″ (or 450mm x 625mm) and has plenty of space for both occasional and heavy-duty use. Anything smaller than this will generally be too small, but there are models with 12″x18″ or 24″x24″. So again, make sure which one best suits your needs!

Table Tilt:

A standard benchtop bandsaw will have about 45° tilt on the blade carriage; this means that you can cut at angles between 0° – 45° degrees. Some budget-friendly saws where the blade pivots in place instead of having a carriage allow a full 90° range of cutting.

Blade Length:

Blade length is a little more challenging to explain. It’s the distance from blade tip to the back of bearing, and it’s typically between 16″ – 24″. The longer blades will generally allow for better cuts in less time. Because they’re able to do deeper depths at both angles without having to change out parts or stop cutting because of safety concerns.

Blade Width:

Blade width is also tricky since there are so many different sizing options available. And It differs from cut to cut. Generally speaking, wider blades can cut through thicker wood with ease. On the other hand, narrower ones have certain benefits like versatility when working on small projects that require tight spacing or thinner pieces. Rule of Thumb, use the maximum wide blade in re-sawing, cant, or cut-off sawing. This wide blade will keep the cut straight as well as deliver straighter cuts.

Blade Speed:

Blade speed refers to how fast your blade spins around; this number is usually measured in RPMs. Blade speed will determine how well your blade cuts through different types of wood and the smoothness or roughness it leaves behind when doing so. You should look for a blade speed no lower than 3000 rpm, with 5000-5500 rpm being preferable

Weight Of the Band saw:

The weight of a band saw will determine how easy it is to move around. If you are working in an area that has restricted movement due to the lack of space. In that case, choosing a lighter model such as a benchtop model can be beneficial.

Miter Gauge Attachment:

Miter gauges make angle adjustments and crosscut much easier by positioning them at desired angles without measuring.

Rip Fence:

A rip fence is a vertical guide that helps you cut straight, accurate edges and miters. It can be attached to the front of your table, or it may come as part of an assembly with both the miter gauge and blade guard already installed on its rails.

Light Attachment:

I recommend that you get a light attachment if your work involves cutting deep into the woods at night. It will give you more visibility of the blade and the work area when you are cutting.

Maximum depth of cut at 90°:

This is how far the blade can cut in one direction. This measurement should be considered if you want to make big cuts on a piece of material.

Maximum depth of cut at 45°:

If you only need small and precise cuts, this does not matter as much to you; it’s more about getting what your needs are with the right blade.


Truth be told, a more expensive band saw will generally have better quality parts and a more extended warranty. But again, that’s not a real-life case. You will need to consider what you want to do? Based On that price will be eventually be determined.


A warranty is something that can save you a lot of money and grief in the future if your machine breaks down, so it’s worth paying more for a better warranty.


Weight is an important factor when choosing which bandsaw work bests with your space constraints or personal.

Reviews Of My Top 3 Best Bandsaw Under $500 Picks

Review Of The Rikon 10-3061 10″ Deluxe Bandsaw, Includes Fence and Two Blade Speeds

RIKON Power Tools 10-3061 10" Deluxe Bandsaw(#ad)
  • Includes 10-3061 Deluxe Bandsaw and 5/16 x 70-1/2 6TPI bandsaw blade|Motor: 1/2HP 5.5Amp 110V (60Hz) 1720RPM Blade Speeds: 1515 or 3280 ft/min|Table Size: 13-3/4 x 12-1/2 Table Tilt: 5 degrees left 45 degrees right|Fence Size: 12-1/4 x 2-3/8 Dust Port Size: 2-1/2 OD 2-1/4 ID Base Size: 15-7/8 W x 9-3/8 D Overall Size: 34-1/4 H x 21 W x 16-1/4 D

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During my field test, I ran into this Rikon Deluxe Bandsaw. I was impressed with the performance and features of it, which is why I decided to write a review on it for you all.

The best feature that makes me love this saw is its variable blade speeds (1515 or 3280 ft/min). This 2 blade speed allows me to cut more smooth cuts in different materials (Wood, non-ferrous Metal, aluminum brass, etc.). In addition, I could change the blade speed according to the material that I use.

With the 1/2HP two-speed motor, you’ll be able to cut through any wooden material that comes your way!

It also has a cast iron table that will give you the best support to cut through your materials. The table size is 13-3/4″ x 12-1/2″ and is tilt-able from 0 to 45 degrees for more easy angle cuts. Also, to give you more balance and support, Rikon is now using 6 spokes wheels too.

Rikon took all the major features from the 14″ deluxe bandsaw and shrunk it into a more compact, affordable design.

In this 10″ bandsaw, you will find a toolless blade guide, 2-speed blade, improved fence, and more like the 14″ deluxe version.

Also, 10-3061 is an upgraded version of 10-306. It packs with things like a quick-release lever for changing the blade, adjustable fence carrier, Easy fitting dust port, and others.

With the help of the quick-release lever, I found it a lot easier to change the blade than the previous version.

The best part about Rikon Deluxe Bandsaw is how light and quiet it runs for its size (77.50 lbs) and power (110V/1720RPM). So this saw can give you the best of both worlds: lightness and noise level that won’t scare your family members away from the shop, and best cuts on metal or wood materials.

An important tip before using this benchtop band saw is to securely clamp your bandsaw to the workbench or table. This will ensure that your saw is secure and won’t move while you’re making cuts on it.

Finally, It has dual blade speeds, Powerful motors, and the best cutting capacity of wood/metal, which are not usually found in this budget. Definitely one of the best bandsaws for cutting wood and non-ferrous Metal.

Review Of WEN 3970T 4-inch x 6-inch Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand

WEN 3970T 4-inch x 6-inch Metal-Cutting Band Saw...(#ad)
  • Automatic shut-off turns the band saw off after a cut has been completed
  • Capable of operating in both vertical and horizontal positions

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Last update on 2024-05-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Do you need a powerful and versatile saw to help with your metal cutting? Then, the WEN 3970T 4-inch x 6-inch Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand is the best option for you.

The good thing is, it can cut brass, aluminum, copper steel in a buttery way! WEN includes the latest automatic shut-off technology in this bandsaw, which will give you peace of mind even you forget to switch off the machine. This shut-off button will turn off after a cut has been completed. This is seriously one step ahead in terms of safety.

I tried to cut tubes and a rectangular bar, and yes, it cuts well up to four and a half inches for the tube and four by six inches for the bar.

The beveling vise can be adjusted from 0 to 60 degrees so that you can get the best cut possible.

It has a robust stand, two Never Flat wheels, and a collapsible handle that makes it easy to move and elevate the saw onto any surface.

With this bandsaw, beveling vise allows strong grip on the metal and help cuts from 0° to 60°. You can adjust blade speed from 80 FPM up 200 Feet Per minute in three pace 80, 120 and 200 FPM .

Also, the fun part is you can change the cutting position from horizontal to vertical by just lifting the saw head from horizontal to vertical. After that, simply attach the table. I am sure this feature will be handy for many woodworkers.

In the middle of any cut, you can use the tilt knob to adjust the angle. Moreover, for uniform cuts, you will find a stoped point use for uniform repeated cuts.

This Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand is best for any contractor or DIYer, but it’s not a professional bandsaw. However, it has some good features like the auto shut-off function, Tilt knob, which can best suit your cutting needs.

The only downside I found was that it lacked in Blade Guide; (found some issue in square cutting); otherwise, it had many features.

True under that tight budget, expecting performance like the Baileigh industrial band saw from WEN 3970T is unrealistic.

Comparing its price-value ratio, it offers more than most budget metal saws.

Finally, if you need the best metal cutting band saw under at its price range to buy for your workspace, this WEN 3970T is one of the best options.

WEN 3962T 3.5-Amp 10-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight

WEN BA3962 3.5-Amp 10-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with...(#ad)
  • 3.5 amp motor creates cuts up to six inches deep and 9-3/4 inches wide
  • Uses 72-inch blades anywhere from 1/8 to 1/2 inches in size

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Last update on 2024-05-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you compare this model against the Rikon 10-3061 10″ Deluxe Bandsaw, the WEN 3962T comes out on top for its cutting depth. Wen 3962T can cuts up to 6″ deep where Rikon 10-3061 can cut up to only 5″ deep.

The table size is also slightly larger in Wen 3962T than Rikon 10-3061, 13-3/4 x 12-1/2. But both can tilt in the same way starting from 0 to 45 degrees.

The power of this band saw is a little bit weaker, which is rated at just 3.5 Amp, while Rikon 10-3061 is rated at a whopping 5 Amp. But that doesn’t mean that WEN 3962-T can not perform. It can still do everything that you need to include ripping and cross-cutting in your workspace.
The best part of this WEN Bandsaw is the working light which is best for cutting in low light or during nighttime.

There are other features worth mentioning: a three-in-one dust port, adjustable blade guard, and even a rip fence.

Comparing price WEN 3962-T is cheaper than the Rikon 10-3061 10 inch, which is a plus for those who want to save extra money.

The difference between WEN and RIKON models in this list is very little. But if you want performance at best, I still recommend The RIKON bandsaw.

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